I can not pay the mortgage. What can i do?

This is a question that many people have asked in the most difficult periods in recent years.

We have several options:

  • The first option would be to negotiate with the bank. Negotiate and try to lengthen the term if possible or freeze the mortgage for a specified period... The bank has to be in accordance with all these options and see a good attitude by the customer.
  • The second option would be to sell the property, it not always the best option, but sometimes we have to be drastic before something worse happens.
  • The third option would be in lieu of payment, it is better to consult a lawyer that is an expert in the subject, although the Bank has no obligation to accept the property as payment of the mortgage debt.
  • The fourth option would be the reunification of debts, this option is perhaps one of the best, and reunification is a reduced fee payment but a possible increase in years of your mortgage.

It is best to contact a professional that is skilled in the area and can help.

And without obligation on the possibility of trying to solve your problem.