How do I get a cheaper mortgage?

It's time to look for a mortgage. One of our main points is finding the cheapest mortgage market and that fits our profile. Normally in Spain they constituted the vast majority of mortgages at a variable rate, which is why it is so important to look at the reference interest rate. The problem comes when we think that the best loan is one that gives us an interest rate that is very low, sometimes so, but we must take into account all the parameters of a mortgage:

1 Interest-out criminalize certain entities first year mortgage marking an output type higher than our review other offer us the same differential that the review.

2- Interest Revision is the indicator that we must add to the Euribor at the time of the review of our mortgage, to determine who will pay fees.

3- Linkages: are the products that the Bank advises us to lose our contract and to have differential and a lower monthly payment.

4- Commission Opening commission may charge the Bank when hiring a mortgage loan.

5- Early redemption: is a commission that banks may charge to finalize the mortgage before the end.


All these parameters should be considered for a mortgage or other as they may have mortgages they that give us many links or maybe we are more interested in a mortgage with a higher revision rate but with fewer linkages.

For that reason it is important to contact a specialist in the field.

And without obligation on the possibility of finding the cheapest mortgage according to your profile.