Can I ask for a mortgage if I do not have savings?

Yes, although it depends on de titleholder’s profile.

What does refinancing consist in?

Refinancing consists in bringing together all of a person’s debts into one mortgage. This new financial operation helps take advantage of the lower interest rates of the mortgage, compared to the interest on current debts, and increasing its repayment term. The result is a unique, lower quote, which will allow us to reach the end of the month without financial difficulties.

Who lends me the money? You or the bank?

Always the bank, we are only independent intermediaries in the concession of loans and credits.

What happens if I do not pay the mortgage off?

If the situation is not resolved, the banking entity begins legal proceedings which may result in the seizure of the mortgaged property and the mortgage’s intervener’s present and future goods and income.

What does Afinance offer which other finance companies do not?

The best professionals, the best deal and the best results.

What documents do I need to bring?

The same documents which a bank would ask of us such as National Identification Document (DNI), Employment History, Work Contract, Payslips, Income…
Necessary documentation

What advantages can Afinance offer me?

That you will always get the best conditions on the market and therefore make a significant saving during the life of the mortgage.

If my bank will not give me a mortgage, why would you?

Because of the exhaustive knowledge we have of the financial market at all times.

It is like a game of Poker, everyone plays with the same cards and the same rules, but there are professional players who always win without cheating.

Do I need to make an initial payment in order to request a mortgage?

Not necessarily, every case is different and normally the solution we offer to the client is too.

Will I be informed of the steps taken?

We keep the client informed of all the processes which are being carried out, the current state of their case and the different possible offers at all times.

What interest rate do you work with?

We normally work with Euribor differentials starting from 0.75% based on the client’s profile.