The assumptions of 2018 include a «cadastre» over 1,831 municipalities

Published on September 29th 2017

The Government has finally postponed the approval of the assumptions for 2018, compiling the list of municipalities on which it plans to register.

The public accounts will contain a rise in the cadastral values ​​for most of the 1,831 municipalities in which the references will be updated in 2018, as well as the ministerial order that Hacienda published yesterday in the BOE.

By increasing the cadastral values ​​of most of these 1,831 municipalities, which account for a fifth of the 8,124 towns in Spain, so will the taxes that depend on their values, such as the Real Estate Tax (IBI) or surplus value municipal, although it will depend on whether the consistories themselves do not also review the types of taxes to avoid the "catastrazo" on their neighbors.

It will depend on each case and how the coefficients will be applied, which will include the 2018 Budgets, which will determine which localities will suffer an increase in their values ​​and which will not. The criterion will be the last year of review. As an indicator, 1,203 municipalities have valuations of the last century, prior to the year 2000, which are likely to experience increases in value and, consequently, an increase in corresponding taxes.


Source: Inversión&Finanzas