Spain remains at the point of investor looks

Published on October 11th 2016

Lack of Government now has hardly affected by the interest in acquisitions and mergers

Spain is in the spotlight of investors. Funds and other entities are betting on companies in the country. There is a great liquidity that seeks profitability in an environment of negative interest.

If there are no major legislative changes there will be no major problems with the flow of investments in the coming months. Elements such as economic growth, above the average of the euro zone and the European Union (EU); and the existence of a huge liquidity to a negative types looking for profitability in a zero rate environment or negative interest rates remain attractive by investors. Spain, despite the political vicissitudes, remains a target for investors.

In any case, there are still major operations in sectors such as real estate, that of being the most fell, is today the most attractive for investors.

According to analysts although there is also interest in the financial sector, banking, where there is already enough concentration and a process of transformation to digital, is unlikely to be new operations shortly.

Source: el Periódico