How to obtain a 15% profitability with your mortgage

Published on November 23rd 2017

The most profitable operation for the conservative savior is to write off a mortgage.

The most profitable operation for the conservative savior is to write off a mortgage. Especially if it signed it before December 31, 2012, since it will be entitled to the deduction of the Treasury, 15 percent over a maximum of 9,040 euros, which can be doubled for spouses who make the declaration of income separately, since the Tax Agency can be deducted in this case up to 18,080 euros.

Mortgage amortization at the present time, with an Euribor which, month by month, spreads the lows and has completed its first year by trading in a negative one, allows the mortgaged person the amount of the return to which he could have access (1,356 euros in case of one only mortgaged and 2,712 euros for the spouses) doubles what you pay in the interests of the loan for an average mortgage. That amount can be further triggered if the mortgaged was lucky enough to sign any of the cheapest mortgages that were traded before the crisis, with differentials between 0.18 percent and 0.35 percent that causes the Today, the interests charged by the bank are testimonial.

And everything suggests that this situation can be extended over time. Gustavo Martínez, an analyst at XTB, explains why Euribor will continue at these levels: "Bulk debt purchases by the European Central Bank (ECB) produce an increase in the monetary supply and in turn a decrease in the type of money interest ».
Although this situation could be reversed when the ECB decided to change its monetary policy, something that does not seem to be immediate, as its chairman, Mario Draghi, explained at the October meeting that the withdrawal of the stimulus would be gradual (it will begin in January with the reduction in half of the volume of purchases up to 30,000 million euros and will remain until September) as well as left the door open to expand it if necessary.


Source: Finanzas

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