Before signing, we contact the client to confirm all the details of the deed before a notary, the exact amount of the expenses and the documentation to be provided on the day of signing.

Our fees are paid at the time of the signing before a notary, and they are included in the total amount of the mortgage.

However, they are always paid once the best conditions have been obtained. We also coordinate the amount and way in which the payments are made at the Notary Office.

In the case of purchasing housing, two deeds will be signed before the notary: the sales deed and the mortgage deed. Once signed, we take responsibility for the coordination of the payment of taxes and recording the deeds in the Property Registry.

Having gone through these processes, the client will receive the sales deed and a copy of the mortgage deed together with the payment for the provision of funds.

*All data is dealt with confidentially, as provided in the organic law of data protection and other legislation in force on this issue.